[MLO] Car Parts Shop

Hello and have a great day!

Low quality auto parts, boorish staff, cigarette smoke everywhere, welcome to our car parts store!

  • Do your players have nowhere to buy tuning parts for their cars and bikes?
  • Tired of standard interiors?
  • Do you want players to be able to shoot through windows in the interior?
  • Do you miss the quality shadows in the interior?

We can give you only one answer to all these questions: look at our auto parts store interior! You will not be disappointed!

Here’s what we offer you:
1. Shot through windows and glass doors throughout the store. (Have you seen bulletproof windows in an auto parts store anywhere? We are not!)
2. Shots leave traces on all surfaces of the store, including windows. (Now unrealistic will not distract players from roleplaying)
3. All objects and players cast shadows, including on the street near the shop windows. (Another plus in the piggy bank of realism)
4. Lighting optimized for low-spec players, no lag complaints now!
5. Every detail in the store has been meticulously selected and no less meticulously installed in its place, you can see the quality of the details in the video.
6. All items in the store react to shots (Yes, if you shoot at a can of oil, the same oil will start pouring out of it.)
7. Updates containing critical fixes are delivered free of charge!
8. 24/7 support ready to help you with any problem related to our product is always available here (on the forum, just write a private message to this account) or, if it is more convenient for you, by e-mail: [email protected]
9. Taxes are already included in the price of the goods, which means that we take the taxes for the purchase, for your peace of mind.

Here is the small presentation video: YouTube

And here is some screenshots:

If you are interested in our offer, you can always familiarize yourself with it in more detail here: TEBEX


Very good and very nice ideia!

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I really like when people say to his interiors - “realistic collisions, no bugs, all things casting shadows, details everywhere, realistic glass” :slight_smile: - that means our interior is the best :smiley:

Afterall, good job :wink:


  1. Fixed door glass texture’s.
  2. Fixed bullet penetration of some window’s.

Everyone who bought the interior before the update will receive a free update to the mailing address specified during the purchase.


I’m just here waiting for bucko to start trolling his guys work lol.
But nice work man, very well done


Awesome work, bro!


Nice Job)


Thank you!

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Thanks for your comment!


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed!


Looks good!

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great idea!

Do i need to unload something maybe.
i cant get in.
looks like an building is in the building

Hello UltraTM,

If you have installed mappings of other authors who are in this building (for example, a pharmacy on the corner of this building), then problems may arise. You can try to launch our resource before the rest (in theory, this can help). If you have a mapping of another author in this building, write to us by mail ([email protected]) or in private messages on the forum a link to this topic and the author (and version, if any) of your mapping and we will see how you can solve this problem.

Thank you for contacting us, we look forward to hearing from you!

Hello ElDre,

Thank you for your feedback, we hope to delight you even more in the future!

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the detailed answer. Yes i have a pharmacy in this building. I will test loading it before if not i will contact you in PM about the mapping. Thanks a lot.

I’d recommend tweaking your vertex colors very slightly, nice work other than that!

Hello JimRP,

Thanks for the advice! We will consider your offer!

Have a nice day!