Misty Mountain Roleplay | MMRP | Serious Roleplay

Misty Mountain RP is a serious, realistic roleplay community that is based off of Nat2K15’s Framework. We are a small up and coming community that offers the best experience for both new and experienced members. Our goal is to provide a family feeling, fun and immersive community for everyone. The current age requirement to join is 14+. Misty Mountain was created on October 17, 2021. With contribution from Real Life Law Enforcement officers, our community strives to have the best training department one can offer.

  • Stable Framework
  • Active Staff
  • Content Creator Friendly
  • Realistic and Serious Roleplay
  • Custom Vehicles
  • Custom Scripts
  • EUP Clothing
  • Professional Development Team
  • Dedicated and Experienced Staff Team
  • Optimized FiveM Vehicles and Scripts
  • Civilian Operated Businesses
  • Giveaways
  • Purge Server
  • … and more!