Mission Entity for all players


I am trying to create some content with Networked Mission Entities, for instance a Moneytruck that is driving across the map that can be looted.

The problem I am having is that when I create a vehicle (entity) as Networked and as a Mission Entity, this vehicle only exists for the player that created it. The vehicle is networked to everyone (so everyone knows the network ID), however, it only exists locally for the client that created it and other players that are nearby.

Is there a way to create a Vehicle that is networked and exists always for all clients? Currently I am unable to for instance create a blip on the truck for all clients, because for some clients the vehicle does not exist and therefor they cannot retrieve the position. I can work around this by making the person who created it send the location every x ms to the Server and pass this information to all the clients, however this is highly inefficient.

I thought the whole idea of a Mission Entity was that it exists all the time, this seems to be only true for the player that created it.

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Hey, so yes, in my opinion what I want is quite possible.
I advise you to base your script on the server side; this way you just have to send the really necessary information to the client.
Server-side functions are greatly underestimated.

These functions require OneSync right? I can’t create a Vehicle server side without OneSync I believe

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