Misplaced FiveM Civ looking for decent server to enjoy.. Please Read beofre responding

I am looking for a very specific server that has all or at least 75% of items listed below… If you do, please reply after youve read the bottom half of this post.
esx economy server
jobs - decent paycheck
ground, sea, and/ or air
vmenu or any other trainer with

  • clothes changer (so we can make our own custom outfits)
  • be able to save outfits
  • car spawner, add-on or gta base
  • car options (upgrades etc.)
  • can save our cars
  • houses hopefully
  • working phone
  • camera function
  • custom maps/buildings
  • custom cars(add-ons) and or replacement cars (IE vanilla edits, caracara with no gun from bagged for example)
  • custom scripts / custom jobs even
  • uniqueness/ map changes etc…
  • not be all police/fire/ems based
  • hopefully dont have any strict rules other than the obvious
  • almost as if a freeroam feel. you can do what you want (following the rules, but not tied down to one specific thing
  • nothing to do with DOJ at all (it you have anything DOJ, dont reply, its not original)
  • something related to gta online in the form of bunkers or garages/warehouses
  • the things from the biker update being the weed, LSD, coke, fake money, fake IDs

if interested,
please list what actually makes you a unique server other than you have 12 different government roles (police, sheriff, ems, fire etc…)
What do you have to offer that another server may not?
how can I benefit and have fun on your server other than the fact that you may/may not have active staff and friendly players?

you do not need to have all criteria listed above but please list what features you do have and ones I may not have listed already. Also, please provide a discord link, a website (if applicable) or anything else you may want to provide in consideration…

Can you elaborate on these please.

nothing to with DOJ pretty much self explanatory… If the server you have has DOJ type stuff (menu, cars, police patrol cars for all areas), DOJ in the title or pertains to DOJ in some aspect or is involved only around police or government aspect of RP, I wont bother because you involve yourself with the namesake, youre not original at all…

camera is the camera script which is using the phone camera as a, well, camera instead of first person view.

might be why your misplaced :man_shrugging:

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you do know misplaced is only the title, right? I’ve yet to find a half decent server that has what I like, and obviously if you reply with that, I’d never join yours…

Don’t make me this sad in the morning. :roll_eyes: just stated it.

Hi, @Quakex64!

Maybe you could interested in our server. To make it bit easier for you, I will write down the points we fulfill for you.

We are

Illegal racing based server with focus on RP (earn money, get a car, pimp it up, race, don’t get caught by LEO) and with later focus more on PD as a cherry on top.

  • ESX economy based

  • Jobs (are being rewritten one by one to be more entertaining and sustainable for business grow + company’s cars soon)

  • If not enough money from legal jobs, we have already rewritten few illegal jobs as well

  • Most of the focus is currently on Los Santos city

  • no trainer, but…

  • custom, effective and minimalistic personal/vehicle menu (contains ID, licenses, vehicle options)

  • cloths shop (savable outfits)

  • public garage system, 130 already released add on cars, open customization for every one of them (up to 250 planned)

  • custom performance upgrade script WIP, together with implemented inverse power (for drifting) and nitro

  • houses planned in future

  • custom scripts - I am reworking original ESX jobs one by one, so they are more entertaining. Especially illegal activities.

  • Since we don’t use any traditional trainers, we support outside of box thinking within player’s mind. We have very few rules, like no combat logging “and obvious”.

Also we do regular Saturday nights events, consisting from races mostly, but this weekend we are gonna do first bank robbery (again, slightly reworked as well).

If you’re interested to know more about us, feel free to visit our site here, on FiveM forum.

I’ll be happy to see you on our Discord as well!


Good luck with finding what you’re looking for!

Hey bud, everything you asked for except for vehicle spawner is in our server! We are a story based server, so make a character and their back story and bring it to life. Check out what we’ve said on the site. AtonementRP | Whitelisted | Zombie Survival Roleplay |

I came here to invite you to mine… But you seem like a jerk so ill just use it as an oppertunity to invite anyone else who wants to come. I have all of those features an many more to come.

Warning if you act like this guy you wont last long :wink:

i sound like a jerk but yet here you are a year later trying to persuade me. whos the jerk?