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-Reworked Drugs
-Reworked Skills
-Fixing Keys
-Added Halloween Decorations
-Fixed Impound

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β†’ Framework updated to the latest version
β†’ Fixed issue with inventory not loading player’s items from the DB
β†’ Hunting fixed and now functional
β†’ Fishing updated
β†’ Fixed camp raid item obtain amounts
β†’ Updated camp raids - new NPCs and locations added, and updated the rewards table
β†’ Added Gang MLO for King
β†’ Added Bungalow MLO
β†’ Added Fenyr 1/1 Car
β†’ Fixed /preview exploit allowing players to do /preview near garage and store car with the modified parts
β†’ Fixed food for eli
β†’ Updated Cat Cafe Job
β†’ Removed old rental script
β†’ Added new rental script (Note: will have to hotwire for time being - bug being worked on)
β†’ Diving prices updated
β†’ Fixed LSPD Heavy armour showing The Lost textures on them
β†’ Updated payments on delivery job
β†’ Removed scenes (as not used)
β†’ Removed old weed system as new one coming in soon
β†’ Removed PRO vehicles from Class C (Boosting)
β†’ Fixed unable to lockpick vehicles for boosting cars
β†’ Fixed unable to lockpick local vehicles
β†’ Disabled β€œsmash window” feature
β†’ Trucking can now have up to 10 drivers via logistics
β†’ Updated ox build to latest version
β†’ Fixed fuel not being set correctly for vehicles being pulled out
β†’ Possibly fixed impound bug where vehicles would poof completely
β†’ Added new Discord bot (Baby Tree)
β†’ Added steel to be craftrable in a workbench
β†’ Added new lost and triad compounds
β†’ Disabled Garage Transfer option (temp)
β†’ Disabled Garage Enter option (temp)
β†’ Updated eco craftintg to allow vehicle parts to be craftable
β†’ Tools updated
β†’ Mining third eye fixed as broken due to framework update
β†’ Skills update

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β†’ Issues with EMS actions has now been addressed and fully resolved
β†’ Check in bed locations have all been completely redone as players was upside down.
β†’ Removed bodycam due to performance impact
β†’ Trading cards are now back!
β†’ Fueling now fixed
β†’ Inventory updated - issues with invisible items should now be resolved.
β†’ Vehicle Shop updated
β†’ Vehicle prices has now been fixed.
β†’ Electrician job fixed and should allow players to continue normally
β†’ Garbage Collection job updated
β†’ Storage lockers for LSPD have now been changed to slots
β†’ Body armour duplication has now been patched.
β†’ Fixed /revive for admins
β†’ Fixed players being able to go in between encrypted channels by using decimals
β†’ Fixed /cuff not working for LSPD
β†’ Fixed players being unable to purchase weapons from the gun stores
β†’ Removed headid as causing performance issues (will be rewritten at a later date)
β†’ Clothing updated
β†’ IPLs updated to the latest version (enabling The Criminal Enterprise DLC interiors)
β†’ Housing shells now have more options - contact a realtor for info.

So many new updates come fly in!

Keep flying in for more and more being added!

Dis a lie

Huge new 3.0.0 update to server never before seen inventory and other cutting edge updates

For such a small team of devs this server is crazy, worth a join 110%

Updated and fixed some bugs

Fixed car keys and other back end fixes

Another bug fix went out and is now live

reduced stress amounts

Added new night club
Removed new clothing ui as we work on it
Fixed hair salons
Added more tattoos

this city is amazing and the people in are very helpful

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Server Update - [12/31/2022]

Greetings Misfit community,

We will be rolling out a new update for the server at the next restart. Please note that the next official server restart will be in 19 hours and 12 minutes. However, we typically restart the server at different times throughout the day when deemed necessary so just keep an eye out in this channel for any new updates and we’ll let you know when it drops!

Here is a list of the changes that will be included in this update:

[+] Updated custom rich discord presence status when in the city.
[+] Fixed car tuning script database errors when trying to resolve vehicle plate identities.
[+] Changed valet price. $100 β†’ $1500
[+] Added high priority boosting alerts to the LSPD dispatch system.
[+] iFaks now relieve all accumulated stress per one use.
[+] Added vehicle fuel exports to MDT impound functions
[+] Integrated dispatch 911 system into phone. Players can now send reports VIA phone to the LSPD. LSPD can call, text, respond, and get GPS of non anonymous reports through the app. (They can still use the regular dispatch system too!)
[+] Vehicle plates can now be resolved through the DMV section VIA the MDT app on their phones. (It’s quite nice)
[+] The Department of Motor Vehicles is now setup within the MDT. Plates and vehicle information can be easily retrieved from your tablet.
[+] MDT Tablet will be a prop only when in use. (Hopefully xD)
[+] Failing to hack a high value boosting vehicle will cause you to become a little more stressed.
[+] Added custom key function to properly give the player keys after a successful boosting hack
[+] Added custom LSPD alerts for lockpicked vehicles involved in boosting.
[+] [Vehicle>Key Fob] changed to [Vehicle>Car Controls] in β€˜F1’ radial. (This will pull up nice car controls when sitting in a vehicle)
[+] Added [Vehicle>Lockpick] in the β€˜F1’ radial. (Use this to lockpick cars)
[+] Implemented all new lockpicking system for locked vehicles. (Hope you’ve got some skill <3)
[+] Cars that are currently being boosted by other players can not be stolen from their contract location. (At least not with hotwiring, and lockpicks)
[+] Cars that are meant to be hacked can no longer be cheesed with regular lockpicks. The proper hacking device is required.
[+] Added custom alarm feature and alert system revolving around the new lockpick system.
[+] Added XP integration into new lockpicking system.
[+] Failing to hotwire a car will stress you out just a little.
[+] Lockpicks get removed upon successful picking event when lockpicking cars.

[-] Removed silly unused charging stations for phones.
[-] Removed old phone charge station blips from the GPS.
[-] Disabled old vehicle theft alert and implemented new modern alert for police.
[-] Removed unused MDT sections within the tablet and cleaned up the interface.
[-] Removed unused Wraith ARS Radar references from police script.
[-] Removed lockpick function from β€˜F2’ menu

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the server. If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the team.

The Misfits Team <3

Update to Store robbery and reputation system

Updates to eco- and custom meth script (think breaking bad)

[+] Updated In-Game Staff Panel
[+] Fixed Moderator Permissions use /staff
[+] Added Custom Notification Type to Staff Panel
[+] Fixed Permissions for Door Creation
[+] Doors UI CMD from /doorlockui >> /doors
[+] Added Custom Notification Type to Doors
[+] Fixed Admin Permissions for All [Tools]
[+] Added Nice Notifications to the Cocaine Script
[+] Added Custom Visual Type Notif. to MDT
[+] Greatly Optimized Police MDT
[+] Fixed Officers not Showing in MDT
[+] Map Now Shows in Custom Alert Section in MDT
[+] MDT No Longer Turns Green on its Own
[+] All MDT logs, Images and LSPD-DB logs now show in Emergency Services Discord
[+] Manually Added 32 Pump Props to Various Locations
[+] Added 32 (YES 32!) Aircraft Refueling Pads Planes/Helicopters
[+] Tweaked Boosting (Requires some effort)
[+] Updated Racing System
[+] Adjusted Armed Guard Spawn for High Class Boosts
[+] An Specific Type of Lockpick is Needed for Certain Boosts
[+] Notifications are now Visually Appealing and Pretty (Racing/Boosting)
[+] Updated Vehicle Fueling Stats
[+] Updated Staff Panel (Yes, again.)
[+] Fixed Tow Trucks (Still a little sus)
[+] Added Tow Truck Noises Boop Boop
[+] Cayo Perico Island is now Always Loaded (We’ll see how this effects server performance)
[+] Police Documents now Work (Working on citizen documents still)
[+] Added XP Earning to Crafting
[+] Added Pretty Visual Notifications to Crafting Benches
[+] Change loading screen music
[+] Changed a few Loading Screen Images

[+] Fixed boosting cars not spawning upon contract acceptance.
[+] QOL fixes for builder job
[+] Updated notification style for builder job
[+] Fixed fuel callback for vehicles in builder job
[+] Builder work vehicles now always spawn with fuel
[+] QOL fixes for window cleaning job
[+] Updated notification style for window cleaning job
[+] Fixed fuel callback for vehicles in window cleaning job
[+] Window cleaning job vehicles now always spawn with fuel
[+] QOL fixes for treasure hunter job
[+] Updated notification style for treasure hunter job
[+] Fixed fuel callback for vehicles in treasure hunter job
[+] Treasure hunter vehicles now always spawn with fuel
[+] QOL fixes for deliverer job
[+] Updated notification style for deliverer job
[+] Fixed fuel callback for vehicles in deliverer job
[+] Deliverer job vehicles now always spawn with fuel
[+] QOL fixes for electrician job
[+] Updated notification style for electrician job
[+] Fixed fuel callback for vehicles in electrician job
[+] Electrician job vehicles now always spawn with fuel
[+] QOL fixes for garbage collector job
[+] Updated notification style for garbage collector job
[+] Fixed fuel callback for vehicles in garbage collector job
[+] Garbage collector job vehicles now always spawn with fuel
[+] QOL fixes for postal job
[+] Updated notification style for postal job
[+] Fixed fuel callback for vehicles in postal job
[+] Postal job vehicles now always spawn with fuel
[+] Fixed minor bugs with city hustlers
[+] Added custom notification type for hustlers
[+] QOL Fixes and edits to Neko Night Club
[+] Updated and fixed farming
[+] Added custom notification styling to farming
[+] Added new CDS complaint alert to dispatch system
[+] Updated & applied various QOL fixes to drug tables
[+] Added warehouse cleaners to run after a set amount of time
[+] Fixed power bills
[+] Moved Sotoshi server side (Prevent Exploitation)
[+] Added visual notifications to CEX (Ooo Pretty)
[+] Updated EMS-MDT
[+] Greatly optimized EMS-MDT
[+] EMS-MDT Overhaul on the backend, custom stuff coming soon!
[+] Added pretty visual notifications to EMS-MDT
[+] EMS-MDT now has it’s own database similar to PDs in it’s Emergency Services channels
[+] EMS Dispatch /911ems now works

[+] Fixed ammo duplication
[+] Fixed workstation exploit
[+] Optimized ATMs (You can now use them)
[+] Upgraded notification styles for ATMs
[+] Debit card items are now registered for use at ATMs
[+] Banking is now optimized and added new offshore option for businesses (find out IC)
[+] Banking cards now display properly
[+] Banking now uses new notification type
[+] New banking statements, you can see your statements within your account at the bank
[+] Switched banking system to use third eye (third eye the front desk to access the bank
[+] Moved Peleto bank access desk to proper spot
[+] Moved Pacific bank access desk to proper spot
[+] Recycle center now uses third eye
[+] Upgraded recycle center notification style
[+] Added new markers for packages in the recycle center.
[+] Added new lucky item to recycle center
[-] Removed old builder job