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Love it here so far, can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future. I have high hopes for this server, sounds like they are passionate about what they do. Love it

Update log

Fixed and added Car dealership
Fixed Mechanic Shop
reworked boosting (should give more contracts quicker)
Reworking import cars start tonight/tomorrow
Relooked at crafting amounts
Also Re looked at mining payout

  • Fixed licensing issue with Ammu-Nation (Thanks KonnorTheMick <3) (Jackson)
  • Fixed unable to obtain weapon license from City Hall (Thanks KonnorTheMick <3) (Jackson)
  • Disabled loosing items if you need to respawn (Will change in the future). (Jackson)
  • Fixed Vehicle app not working on your phone. (Jackson)
  • Fixed newly purchased vehicles not being stored in any garage, resulting in the vehicle going missing. (Jackson)
  • Added new ID cards for weed shops. (Tree)
  • Fixed lights and sirens for emergency vehicles (Tree)
  • Updated architect to 5848. (Jackson)
  • Backend maintenance (Jackson)
  • Removed old clothing and placed new clothing in for all! (Tree)
  • Removed elevator at Casino until further notice. (Jackson)
  • Threw old QB Core out, new one is in. (Jackson)
  • Updated Inventory. (Jackson)
  • Fixed issue with conflicts between qb inventory and custom inventory (due to core changes) (Jackson)
  • Removed Lucky Wheel as players were able to exploit it for easy money. (Jackson)
  • Re-enabled elevator teleporters at the casino (Yes, you will find bob at the pent house) (Jackson)
  • Housing system updated, we’ve now introduced new shells which will be available at a later date. (Jackson)
  • Re-fixed items that broke during the qbcore upgrade for mechanics (We got you mechanics!) (Jackson)
  • New phones installed! (Will be tweaked on the fly however) (Jackson)
  • New vehicle keys! Never get locked out of your vehicles again (still being tweaked) (Jackson)
  • More core fixes… fkin system gotta love it. (Jackson)
  • Drank 5 cans of monster while doing these fixes, RIP my heart rate. (Jackson)
  • Fixed drug system causing server to crash. (Jackson)
  • Updated key binds for smart phone (now back under M) (Jackson)

Car tunes
New Ambulance
New MC Club house added x2
Updated Baggy Price
Added new items
Reduced and fixed crafting recipes also removed and added a different shot gun
Update drug selling prices ++ (bill)
Can now interior decorate houses properly
MLO added for pawnshop
Added gold Flakes
Added Gold Nuggets

Version 2.0.0


Drug Overhaul

Vehicle Shop overhaul now at LS motors

Mechanic Overhaul… Have fun mechs…

Fuel overhaul Your choices now matter

Garage overhaul enjoy

Grow weed at your house now go talk to a realtor to buy a house

New MLO added

Pawnshop added Player run

Burgershot MLO added will be adding your job stuff soon

Disappearing bag issues is now FIXED

Bunch of Quality Of Life fixes to many too name…


Revamped menu design
Assigned new commands/events to vehicle keys, give vehicle key, and panic buttons/emergency alerts (For new CD_DISPATCH and VEHICLE_KEYS scripts)
Added player key fob, MDT, and carry to radial menus. (Linked new CC-CARRY script to menu)
Linked new carry script to new radial option ‘Put in trunk’; you can now put people in trunks (As long as they’re being carried)
Dynamic seat change options depending on amount of seats available
Added ability to take person hostage from menu VIA interactions
– Known issues
Jackets cannot be removed from radial GUI
Make vehicle index dynamic (Only shows on radial when in vehicle)
Add seat checks for six seater vehicles in dynamic seat function
Future QOL updates.

Added glass breaking sound when smashing cases
Added new CD_DISPATCH trigger for Vangelico’s robbery alert

Integrated QB-JEWELERY
Added RED & BLUE UI title bar flash for QB-JEWELERY robberies
Linked new robbery notification sound to Vangelico’s dispatch alert
Added RADIUS blip to Vangelico’s already placed diamond sprite using the same vector3 (Triggers RED radius around store sprite when being robbed)
Changed value in fxmanifest to allow proper utilization of script VIA ox_lib
Will be going through sometime today and adding alert triggers, sprites, sounds, and proper formatting for each EVENT that notifies PD

Linked script to radial actions
Add carry state triggers to police escort so you can put people in trunks while escorting the same as you would when carrying

Old script dropped in favor of new one.

Added all sound file references and a couple of new sounds to configuration (This fixed any events referencing sounds Ex. house alarm, glass break, door open and close, lockpick etc.


Added proper towing mechanics flatbed will go down and up and also actually require a proper tow hook to pull car onto the flatbed

Added EU-Trucking SIM job to the server for all to do

Fixing custom fishing script


Fixed Fishing
Fixed Fishing Radar

added custom weapon slings

Looking to add paintball/airsoft next
Looking to add Helicopter crash sites to salvage for materials


Updated House robberies to have alarms

Updated Police Radar system

Updated Police Dispatch system

Updated Price on Fishing

Changed Pillbox hospital to the known Gabz version
East mechanics now available
Webhook updates
LVC keybind updated to F5
Updated proxies for Bennys near PDM
Updated proxies for pawn shop
Hunting added
Reduced cost for some fishing items
Reconfigured hospital due to new MLO
Hunting license added to city hall
Speed cameras added
Grappler added
Drone added
Riot shield added
Diving added
Scenes added
Boombox added
S15 updated

Tried this server over the last few days… its actually VERY impressive. Lots of features and devs are constantly working on new updates.

Once this server fills up it’s going to be a ton of fun!


We have had an absolute blast on this sever over the past week. There are a ton of awesome stuff to do and a bunch of different jobs to try. The devs are constantly working on improving the server and its greatly appreciated.

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2.1 update has been pushed to live! Please let us know of any issues in our usual channels. Check em out:

Updated server artifact (Jackson)
Fixed issue where players would not get the character screen (Jackson)
Mechanics now fully configured (Tree)
Replaced pillbox MLO with the one we all know. (Jackson)
Added new MLO for MRPD (Johnny)
Moved stashes for Police (Tree)
Updated clothing ped for Police (Tree)
Updated clothing ped for Paramedics (Jackson)
Replaced prison (Johnny)
New Binco MLO (Johnny)
New Harmony MLO (Johnny)
New Ponsonby’s MLO (Johnny)
New Suburban MLO (Johnny)
Removed Route 68 Dealership (Tree)
Changes to how drug system works for players (Tree + Jackson)
Fixed Fishing (Jackson)
Fixed beds (Jackson)
Removed anticheat (Jackson)
Removed old diving system (Tree)
Removed old garage system (Jackson)
Removed old inventory system fully (Jackson)
Removed old phone system fully (Jackson)
Added ability to see players IDs by holding Home button (Jackson)
Enabled crosshairs (Jackson)
Following items added: (Tree)
Croissant Mochi Donuts Burger Meal Chicken Burger Veggie Burger Spicy Burger Chocolate Milkshake Vanilla Milkshake Strawberry Milkshake Red/Blue/Mixed Slushie Updated requirements for store robberies (go mental!) (Jackson)
Replaced vehicle keys (Jackson)
Removed old carshop in replacement for a new one with financing available. (Tree + Jackson) Inventory system updated, adding crafting ability in your pockets.
(Jackson) Hunting added (Jackson)
Shops updated (Jackson)
Phone system updated (Jackson)
Fixed issue with voice not working properly with phone calls. (Jackson)
Video app updated (Jackson)
Removed weapon draw (Jackson)
Removed weapons on back (Jackson)
Updated Radar for police (Tree + Jackson)
Updated grappling for Police (Jackson)
Fixed rental vehicles license plates not showing as “REN” followed by random number (Jackson)
Added Bodycam (Tree)
Updated Crafting (Jackson)
Removed old fueling system due to fueling issues (Jackson)
Updated loading screen (no more youtube video) (Jackson)
New report system (Tree)
Body Cameras now record for police and EMS (Tree)
Removed old unused tools (Tree + Jackson)
Removed clothing theft (Tree)
Cleaned up files (Jackson)
Server will auto restart at 6PM EST (1 restart a day) (Jackson) Fixed issue with Anticheat not loading due to dev server (oops…) (Jackson + Tree)

Having a blast, community is great and helpful and the staff are constantly working to make sure things are running smoothly and constantly updated with new things!

Super awesome server! Been playing for a bit now. Tons of unique jobs. My favorite is the car boosting system. They even have a chop shop. Being a criminal has never been this fun.

10/10 would confuse cops with humor again.

#SBG :wink:

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Been having a great time. Everyone you meet has a great story.

Great community, staff and players. Really enjoying everything this community has to offer.

Fantastic admin support and community that is continuously developing. Really happy so far with all aspects of the game, and looking forward to more roleplay opportunities with the people on the server. 100% would recommend this server to anyone, new or experienced with GTA RP.

Been part of this city for about a month now, the amount of things you can do here is great, and the server has huge potential! a great mature playerbase is also included here and RP is always priority, once this server grabs a bigger playerbase and people start sticking around like they are doing already, id be very surprised if it doesn’t get popular.

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Been part of the city for a bit. This is my first RP server. So far so good. Gameplay is smoother than regular gta online.