Misfit RP - ESX Whitelisted | Recruiting | Realistic Roleplay | Custom Emergency Vehicles & EUP

We here at Misfit Life RP are looking for new players!

When Role playing on Misfit Life RP you will be able to RP your way
with common sense & basic RP rules for a full list of RP rules please join are discord

Misfit Life RP is a 18+ economy server.
We have 50+ Civilian Vehicles
Our server is optimized to give the best possible prformance,
while also providing a serious roleplay experence with custom
scripts, graphics, and vehicles.

We are nearing 100 members!

Departments that are open and currently hiring:

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas State Patrol
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue
  • San Andreas Communications Center

Lead department positions that are filled:

  • SASP Commissioner
  • BCSO Sheriff
  • SAFR Fire Chief

Lead department positions that are open:

  • LSPD Chief
  • SACC Lead Dispatcher
    If you are interested in a lead position you will be required to
    submit an application with any prior experience and knowledge.


Lead department positions listed above may have changed since the original posting.

LSPD-BCSO-SASP-SAFR all have custom EUP & emergency vehicle liveries unique to our server only.

Emergency vehicle packs we are using:

  • LSPD - Ripple Legacy Pack
  • BCSO - Ripple Code 3 21TR Pack - 3 K9 cars custom made by Ripple unique to our server only
  • SASP - Ripple’s Liberty II
  • SAFR - Mix of Redneck / JackTheDev / XBR

Station we are using for emergency services:

  • LSPD - GabZ Mission Row
  • BCSO - UncleJust Sheriff Department Sandy Shores V1
  • SASP - Matus La Mesa SAHP station

On the civilian side your imagination is the only limitation,
be a criminal or a law abiding citizen and everything in between.

We have all the normal things for civilian’s to do and use just with no limit real life cars and weapons.

We here at Misfit Life RP decided to make this server for all to have fun after a long day at work/school a place to have fun blow off some steam
and do all the things you wish you could to in IRL.

The Discord is open to all at this moment if you have any questions for us here at Misfit Life RP please feel free to message us in our discord.
From all the members at Misfit Life RP we look forward to role playing with you!