Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror is a small interactive map based on the Brothers Grimm Fairy-tale Snow white but with a fiery moonshine twist

if you are the fairest - you will receive a moonshine jug that you can use to burn the world , cus why not

if you are not the fairest -you will still receive your moonshine jug but your beauty will come in Death

location is based in Bolger Glade

check out the video here - Macabre Redm - Mirror Mirror - YouTube
Tebex - Macabre Redm | Mirror Mirror (tebex.io)


easily Customizable script

50/50 percent chance of being the fairest, can be changed in the config file

a story can be added, can be set to true in the config file and be edited to your liking

| Code is accessible Yes
| Subscription-based No
| Lines (approximately) 600+
| Requirements N/A
| Support Yes

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