Mini map pulsating

Recently my mini map is pulsating pretty sure it’s too many blips but I’ve also noticed alot of blips that font make sense. I’ve tried to cut off all the store blips but will cause a errors. Anyone know how to do this in okok shops? And why all the new like drug blips and finding clothing stores where I don’t have a store? Lol any help or direction would be appreciated…

Hey, here is a quick guide to hopefully help you

  • If the minimap is pulsating or flickering, make sure if you are using custom maps that you ensure ps-hud BEFORE map resource or if another script use the SetRadarZoom()native for disable it there.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you ill try these tips. It’s hard to search for things and when u do the opposite pops up lol