Might as well apply for Whitelisted server

I have over 300 hours on this server, throughout my time on the server, I have had a lot of fun roleplaying, HOWEVER, the amount of powergamers, W-cops, and admins who dont/cant provide for the server have ruined the experience for me. Experience a bug? “Normally for these problems, you just have to deal with it” (An actual verbatim qoute from staff members to their players about a bug that was experienced due to improper coding, nothing the player could have done to change the situation.

The server/city is mostly full of young kids speeding around in supercars baiting cops who apparantly have the “free choice” to opt in or opt out of any roleplay situation they want to.
EG: As an old man, making deliveries, I was being mugged, at gunpoint, in front of a cop performing a traffic stop, the cop then stated that he didn’t have time for me and to file a report at the police station down the road, I was killed, then my attackers were let go without chase. Later described to me by staff of the server that “A cop doesn’t have to roleplay for you, they have the choice to not deal with bs”

To which I say, this isn’t Los Santos, this is Los Angeles, (REAL LIFE) If a guy with a gun mugs someone in front of an ON DUTY POLICE OFFICER, that officer responds accordingly.

Instead of cracking down on rulebreakers and people who cant RP, this server caters to them, providing them a sandbox city to do whatever they feel like doing, every gang on the server seems to have a high-ranked staff member protecting the members of the gang from any punishments despite breaking rules anyways.

Want to roleplay as a cop? or maybe even EMS? If you haven’t joined the cult that is already formed around these jobs, or don’t feel interested in playing in a community of failed JROTC prospects, then maybe the server isn’t for you.

Like I stated, fun RP, but if you really want the RP experience, go for a Whitelisted server, because every aspect of a public server, is exactly why this server is not a good experience for anyone.

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