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Hello all! I am Matthew, one of the staff from Miami-Dade Roleplay. We are a small friendly community, that is serious roleplay oriented and we aim to give the best roleplay interactions/experience’s possible. Our developers are always hard at work sorting out bugs or adding new scripts/cars to the server. MDRP is an economy based server and there are plenty of jobs to do in the city. We also welcome new players to the RP scene. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask our friendly staff team who are always happy to help.


Serious Roleplay

Streamer Friendly

Active Staff

Active Police & EMS

Legal Jobs

Working Vending Machines


Monthly Events

Jewelry Robbery

Store Robbery

15K Start

Discord: https://discord.gg/BGzfb3B

Server ip:

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Server is live

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Race event on tonight come join big prizes to be won

Tequila & Tyre Smoke will be going live on the 11th of July at 7PM UTC! With a chance to win cash prizes of up to $500,000, will you crack under the pressure?!

New changelog 11/7/20

Houses - Starting from 75k to 2mil - For now need cash in hand - Don’t fly out in your house your get stuck
⦁ Changing outfits in houses
⦁ Housing has storage
⦁ Cars - Annis S-230, Cheval Picador Loco, Cheval Picador Loco Drag, Blista Compact Time Attack, BF Club GTR and Zircoflow Stratum
⦁ Updated ls customs with all options e.g. pearlescent
⦁ Police vehicles now don’t show as nil in garage
⦁ Mechanics now open for doing upgrades
⦁ Fuel cost been increased to $150 to fully refill your tank
⦁ Vehicles now will break down and engine will not turn over - get them repair kits ready or message your local mechanic
⦁ /911 to call police to an emergency
⦁ /ems to call ems to an emergency
⦁ /mech to call a mechanic to you
⦁ /taxi to call a taxi to pick you up
⦁ Car wash no longer shows globally
⦁ Checking into Pillbox, admits you to a free bed for 1 min
⦁ Salary is now every 30 minutes
⦁ New Rims
⦁ New Recoil for all guns
⦁ Police now have the Carbine Rifle
⦁ Fixed Taser skin
⦁ Fixed Carbine Rifle skin
⦁ Added AK Rifle skin
⦁ Added new Heavy Pistol skin
⦁ Added new MP5 skin
⦁ Afk kick timer

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Update out 08/08/2020

⦁ Weed is in the city - listen out on the streets

⦁ New Bank Robberies

⦁ Yacht Robbery removed

⦁ New Store Robberies

⦁ 4 female hairs, one with hat option

⦁ 2 male hairs

⦁ 1 male hoodie and 1 male undershirt hoodie

⦁ Added beards and moustaches

⦁ Hafthor’s Raceway

⦁ Added 6 more Bikes to the bike dealership

⦁ Added 5 more vehicles to the PDM

⦁ Added Uzi Skin

⦁ Added draw animation for all weapons

⦁ Added Black Weapon market in the city

⦁ Added Black Item market in the city

⦁ Cinema - only admins right now can put a show on

⦁ Repair kit price is now $1500

⦁ Lockpick price is now $800

⦁ New item “Hacking Laptop”

⦁ New item “Malicious Access Card”

⦁ New item “Secure Id Card”

⦁ New item “Thermal Charge”

⦁ Gold sale point for miner job has been moved

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We are now hiring police. Still looking for EMS

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Server is just starting up, Amazing admin team and starting members. Love the group in the city

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Still looking for police and ems

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New update out 21/08/20

⦁ Atm robberies
⦁ House robberies
⦁ Armored Truck robberies

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⦁ Server is now on OneSync
⦁ Radios - can be bought at hardware for $1250
⦁ K to change your voice proximity (due to fivem limitation, We are trying to fix this)
⦁ Car insurance is now $350

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Miami Dade Police Department Vehicle Fleet

Our new 2018 Mustang GT Unmarked

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Getting between 5 to 10 players on average most days. Pd and Ems still hiring

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Update 14/09/2020

What has been changed/added…
⦁ New duffel bags will be accessible at the clothing stores upon restart!
⦁ New vehicles are being introduced upon restart!
⦁ We have a new set of Nissan’s, 180SX, Skyline, R-35 GTR, Sunny & Pulsar! With the 180SX, use numpad 8 & 5 to raise and lower the pop-up headlights.
⦁ We have new lore-friendly vehicles, the Buffalo A/C and the Annis Kawaii!
⦁ New weapon skins for the Shotgun, Sawnoff and the Sniper!

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Loving every minute of it as the community is growing!


Miami Dade Police Department and Miami Dade Fire Rescue still looking for members

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The server is slowly growing come check us out lots of great roleplay going on.

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Miami Dade Fire Rescue is still looking for people.

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New Update 10/01/20

What has been added/changed …

⦁ Hookers have been removed
⦁ 4 new drift cars added
⦁ Colour headlights (talk to mechanics)
⦁ New mechanic shop in town (Dan’s Original Customs)
⦁ Car insurance is now car impound
⦁ All vehicles that get impounded or missing will be at the impound
⦁ Ems and police still have their own car insurance for their work vehicles
⦁ New Benny’s interior
⦁ Fixed Names of the mechanic shops
⦁ New on and off Duty marker (bennys)
⦁ Fixed all Lights on the Vehicles
⦁ Comedy club added
⦁ Bahama mamas added

1995 Ford Mustang (Drift)

BMW M3 E30 V8 (Drift)

Mazda RX7 FC (Drift)

Mazda MX-5 (Drift)

EMS now has a useable stretcher

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