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MGBRP is a new community currently in its beta phase, we are currently recruiting for all departments. We strive to provide a unique life RP experience where you live your life how you want. In our community you have the ability to play your character fully and enjoy the entire state of San Andreas. We provide serious and fun roleplay, we also have active staff who truly care about the community and work hard to provide the best experience out there. So come join us today!

  • Get hired onto one of our many departments LSPD, LCSO, SASP, Fire/EMS or find a civilian job such as Car Dealers, Mechanics, Be in or run a Gang and much more not happy doing one thing with our multijob script do multiple jobs!

  • Economy which is being constantly tweaked to improve player experience

  • Custom interiors and new ones being added

  • Own a house, apartment, or even an office. Not sure you wanna be tied to one place? That’s fine, rent a house, apartment, or motel room.

  • Heists, robberies, burglary, drug manufacturing and more to fulfill your criminal desires or be a civilian and work one of our civilian jobs. Don’t want to work a job, would rather run one? Feel free to start your own business.

  • Run a trucking company with our extensive trucking company simulation script

-Custom lore-friendly police and civilian cars

Some more things we offer:

  • Active Staff
  • Hunting
  • Crafting
  • Black Market
  • Phone
  • Drugs
  • Vehicle Lock System
  • Robbery
  • Heists
  • Many Properties to Own
  • Many more and more to come

Not seeing something you’re looking for that’s ok we are constantly releasing updates and working on new features that the community wants. Feel free to make suggestions and give our team feedback!

Join the discord to apply: Join Us!