Method RP | Slow paced economy | Built by, and for the community | Active development for civilians, factions, and criminals

Method Role Play

Method Role Play is a slow paced economy server built for serious, but content driven roleplay. With a laid back community and staff team we aim to deliver quick support, as well as enjoyable community interactions.
Our mission is to build a community ready to create quality role play, and enjoyable interactions.

We just launched a brand new build as on December 26th!
It is a QBCore framework heavily modified to fit our communities standards.

Things we have to offer

  • Civilian Roleplay - With 61 housing interiors, new jobs added every two to four weeks, add-on vehicles, and development based off of the feedback we receive you will always have something to do!

  • Businesses - We are always on the look out to add player owned businesses!

  • Factions - Constant development for our Police & EMS! We currently offer positions in the Los Santos County Sheriffs Office, as well as Pillbox Medical. We plan on opening more departments in the future!

  • Gangs/Criminals - While gangs are always an extremely hyped thing in most servers we believe that roleplay is what you make it! If we see you forming connections, and making strides to create fantastic interactions as a gang we will approach about getting some special content in for your group! Criminals have plenty to do as there is a progression system built into the server!

  • Optimization - Our development strives to optimize every resource added into our server! We want people to be able to enjoy their Frames Per Second!

  • Streamers - We offer our streamers a role in Discord so that their stream will auto post in our discord so that we can do our best to help you build your own community!

  • Vehicles - Bi-weekly vehicle drops! Every two weeks you will see three to five new addon vehicles added to our vehicle shops!



loving this community so far…if you are looking for a new server to call home dont hesitate to try it out


Been with the community for awhile now and i love it. nothing but kind people and with the new release everything just feels smooth and fun.


This server has to be one of the best servers I’ve played on. The community is very welcoming and willing to help new role players have a chance to get the best experience they can get. The community makes you feel at home it is something I havent had in other servers before.

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Been with Method Since before the new framework release, met alot of very nice people and some great role players. Recently the new framework was released and the city runs so much better performance wise and is a lot more enjoyable!! I run a food business called The Last Train In Los Santos Diner and it has been a VERY enjoyable experience serving food to everyone and making a little money in the process. Cops are active and fun to role play with since they dont always feel the need for a win with every scene. Active and friendly staff and by far my favorite server/city. Give Method a try, you wont be disappointed!


Great Community and active staff! Having a blasting playing. You have got to try it out!


I recently joined Method RP after their launch and the community is extremely friendly and welcoming. They have active and engaging staff along with a developer who listens to the community and integrates changes accordingly. The server feels fresh and highly optimised offering you everything you need for whatever role play scenarios you’re looking for.

Give it a try and help grow the community even more, you won’t be disappointed!


Great City with staff that actually listens to the citizens!


Absolutely loving all the interactions around this city and honestly cant get enough action! Runs so smooth and there arn’t much bugs. It is a very enjoyable and clean cut experience all around.


amazing dev team and a lot of fun things running without slowing down… i cant wait to see where my rp takes me… so far so good!

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we hit a new milestone for this update 26 players during our peak tonight! still room for plenty more to come and create their story

The Community here is great! Active staff, and active players having a great time! You should totally come check it out! :smiley:

Is your LSPD Chief and Assistant Chief positions open? We would be interested in applying. Find more about us here: 2 experienced department heads looking for a new community!

Hey pal! We have a department head, and under currently. However, we do host elections every couple of months to see who the community would like running things as we are a community ran server! We are looking for police at all times, and you always have the chance to grow in the departments!