Meth cooking like in Breaking Bad [ESX] [Release]

for some reason i cant select any of the questions how do i fix

for some reason i cant select any of the questions how do i fix

Same issue, anyone find a fix yet?

Esx_drugs and pws to the drug dealer the meth

How can i do to sell the meth after?

Love it !

Badass script! Very very nice man.
Btw can i change the speed time that it cooks faster? it takes 7-9 minutes for 1 round cooking. I wanna make it to 4 minutes. Thanks!
Kind regards

Hey, just wondering if anyone can help me I would like to make it so that you can only cook the meth in a certain area, for example atm its anywhere over y=3500 but I want it to be only able to cook between y=3500 and y=4500. (alternatively if we could add an x code too to make it a square area that would be perfect!


Can someone please, please help me with setting a timer on doing these kind of runs?

Because i think its too overpowerd to being able to do this multiple times a day.

Also the smoke doesn’t work help please.

download this script again and put it in you’re resource file again. Don’t forget /refresh and /start [resource-name]

I have the latest version but still no result

I want to use the van in city but it doesnt work. Can you help me how can i disable it that i can use it in city to not just in paleto bay.

Very nice script bro! Very Well thanks! Can I use this on my fiveM server? (Hardcore-RP)? Thanks! Have a greate day!

how can i change the color of the smoke?

Hey. Im getting the script but i’m getting a problem. When i press the keys to select the option, it just does nothing. Can someone help me? Thanks in advance

if youre using a inventory resource with a hotbar bound on the number row itll do that i had same issue and changed them to A, B and C

Ok, so if i change the code to if selection == A, it should work?