Meth cooking like in Breaking Bad [ESX] [Release]

Just go to Paleto Bay and try it there also around mount chilliad area

Is there a specific place on the map in Paleto Bay? because I’m running everything here and I can’t do anything

You need to be inside the van

Spawncode of the car: journey

In paletobay I no longer receive the message that I am near the city! But nothing happens script without changes.

Are you using ESX framework?

Yes Kuzkay

You for sure have all the items, are sitting in the driver seat of an journey?

Yes, Yes I am, but like when I’m near a city he warns, then when I walk away he is not showing anything else, already rode Paleto Bay, is there any specific place you put?

Nice resource we have here. By now I just found 3 bugs:

  • We can’t select answer 3. For some reason the script does not detect this bind.
  • Some questions are skipped.
  • Sometimes progress adds up to two instead of one.

Will give this a try! To confirm as long as you buy or hijack any van you should be able to ‘G’ and cook in it?

Yes but is has to be the Journey van

Some questions are skipped and some are double, its made that way so there is a tiny bit of randomization each time

and how people will get that items to process? its any way to collect them instead of buying them?

Did you even read the description?
It clearly says that you need to make a way to get these items yourself, shops or other methods, idk

2+2=5 bois hahaha, btw nice script

Nice script man!!! Congrats!!
I have one question, How can I put the items that are needed in stores?

How exactly do I have to edit the code if I want to remove the limitation?

Someone could send a screenshot of somewhere that was able to do the cooking! Either take me a doubt if I have to buy the vehicle to register in the name of the character or simply can do as I was just spawn the car as ADMIN.

u only need to spawn it

vrp plis.