Metaverse Roleplay

Welcome to Metaverse Roleplay!

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Join Link: /mvrp


  • Newly rebranded community for a complete fresh start! New members and old alike, are loving the new content and potential for growth!

Server Features:

  • Fully functioning pier with arcade, roller coaster, amusement rides, pool hall, mini-golf and seafood restaurant for a full day of fun on the water!

  • Full boxing arena with NPC fights that you can bet your hard-earned money on! Want to get in the ring yourself? No problem! Get with a trainer and build up your stats to rule the ring!

  • Multiple non-whitelisted jobs so there is never a lack of ways to make money! Each job is tied together so what you get from one may help you with another!

  • Add-on clothing and vehicles to truly showcase who you are or want to be in your roleplay life!

  • Tons of activities scattered throughout the map for your entertainment and enjoyment! Plenty of ways to blow off steam or take some time off from building your bank account!

  • Whitelisted job applications for businesses that are always hiring or looking for new potential prospects. Silent-auction system makes for a unique experience starting your own as well! Many added interiors for new business owners ready to plant their roots!

  • We love supporting content creators in the community, so we utilize many of their unique scripts to give players the best experience possible!

  • Server is 100% optimized even for lower-end client machines, ran on quality hardware with almost non-existent down-time.

Upcoming Features:

  • Too many to list! As the maintainer of the QBCore framework, there will be many unique scripts being made for our community to showcase the unlimited possibilities that it has to offer!

there are a lot of jobs to do and a lot of business’s to own. a lot of cars and different kinds. I like it :slight_smile:


we are getting more and more people joining by the day and just the cars its self is doing that. we do plan on adding more things like drift/drag tracks so people can compete in the tournaments we have planned. we have a really good dev team which do listen so we are on about making some parts custom so no other city would have it

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Nice Community! All of the staff are friendly and Lots of stuff in the city! I suggest this server for everyone looking for real RP!


its by far the best community ive ever had the pleasure of being a part of I encourage everyone who loves some good RP to join in the fun

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Can you guys add your Discord, Teamspeak, Website etc. to this post? makes it a lot easier to look further into the server and see some details and qualities while/before joining.

Weekend Bump :smiley: hope to see you guys/girls come hang out!

Come join a fantastic server :heart_eyes:

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TWISTED COBRA MC in the great city of Scorched RP!!! :metal:

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:metal: Come and celebrate the opening of the great role play city of Scorched Rp!!! :metal:

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