🛃 Metal Detectors | QBCore

:customs: Lumio Metal Detectors | QBCore
This is a custom script that allows you place and remove metal detectors where ever you want! Once you walk through a detector and you have a item that is “blacklisted” in config then the alarm will trigger in radius! There is a lot of configuration and also english and dutch are supported by default. We also provide a readme and sql file. Once a detector is placed it saves in the database, this means that whenever the server restarts that the detector will spawn also!

You can place a detector by opening the detector menu and placing one, you have to be a police and be on duty. Also admins can create detectors and delete any detector. You can only delete the detectors created by you as a police.


  • QBCore supported
  • Fully configurable
  • Default english, dutch supported, you can easily add others
  • Completely custom and optimised
  • Creates polyzone (entityzone) when detector is created, and checks for items when a player walks in it
  • Sql and interact-sound implementation all included
  • Not encrypted (open source)

Showcase: YouTube video
Updated showcase: YouTube video
Purchase here: Tebex

Code is accessible Yes (source code)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500 (+13 config) (+80 configured detect items)
Requirements QBCore Framework, qb-menu, PolyZone
Support Yes