Messy Chronicals

The Server is full of shit Since it’s messy lets me messy!
King and Unk paid for a new one due to Prec (previous admins) review with the King sending his unwanted dick pictures and sexual hurrassment to females.
Your money it was yours now it’s theirs and they will give you your stuff when ready, may work or not!..Best just not to buy shit. Unk, King, and Smitty enforce rules when it benefits themself or the people they want to rp with (despite not properly knowing how to Rp themselves).
Females, if you’re willing to give it up or let King, smitty and/or pool watch or on stream this is the place for you because they just wanna fuck and expose you. There is no EMS or PD in the city so when you die if you’re not revived by an admin, then you will lose weapons, you wont be getting it back.


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