Merging multiple blips into 1 name

Okay so I’m sure there is a thread on here somewhere and I’m probably typing the wrong thing to get that to pop up but currently I’m looking at implementing blips to my map (without the assistance of trainers). That being said I’m trying to work out how to get multiple blips under the same name on the pause menu so I can flick between 2 or more options without seeing it written in the blips list 100 times.

Not sure if this is of any assistance but my code currently is

local blips = {
– Example {title="", colour=, id=, x=, y=, z=},

 {title="Police Station", colour=38, id=60, x = 439.98, y = -982.95, z = 30.69},
 {title="Sheriff Station", colour=31, id=60, x = 1853.74, y = 3685.44, z = 34.27},

{title=“State Police Station”, colour=25, id=60, x = 2500.65, y = -384.81, z = 96.92}


for _, info in pairs(blips) do
  info.blip = AddBlipForCoord(info.x, info.y, info.z)
  SetBlipDisplay(info.blip, 4)
  SetBlipScale(info.blip, 1.0)
  SetBlipColour(info.blip, info.colour)
  SetBlipAsShortRange(info.blip, true)


@Sekkeii GTA automatically bundles blips with the same name, just name them all “Police Station”