Mercurial Roleplay | Casual Roleplay | Australia | Currently in development

Mercurial Roleplay

We were originally under the flag of Fat Duck Gaming, however we are now running on our own and have a small amazing community. We are based in the year 1892 for the year 2022.

We are still currently in development and not officially released.

We have the below features with more to come!

  • Mining
  • Lumberjack
  • Gold panning
  • Party system quests/missions
  • Transport missions
  • Customisable housing
  • Clan camps, allows for RDO style missions from your camp
  • Farming
  • Crafting
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Player run businesses (gunsmith, horsetrainer, saloons, doctor, and coming soon carpenter)
    * Gunsmith - can craft and customise weapons, craft ammo
    * Horsetrainer - trains your horses so that they learn new tricks and better stats, they can also tame and stable/sell wild horses.
    * Saloons - craft and sell better food and drinks
    * Doctors - Revive and heal players, sell goods for players to use on the go when sick or injured
    * Carpenter - craft wagons and furniture
  • Stables
  • Character skill system (unlock rewards when you hit max level)
  • Drug dealing
  • Ranching
  • NPC Bounties
  • Boat shop
  • Telegrams (bird system that flies to you - no need to go to the post office)
  • Gold used as an event based currency
  • Pets
  • Criminal rank system, encourages progress
  • Object interaction menu

Any many more and more to come!

Players from all around are welcome!