Mercedes 190E EVO3

Mercedes 190e EVO3


  • Working dials
  • Fivem and SP support
  • Animated fans
  • Custom interior
  • Extras
  • Livery support


  • Primary - Body color
  • Secondary - Evo stripes, interior details, center lock
  • Wheel - Rim color
  • Dashboard - Interior details


  • Extra 1 : Rear liscence plate

More pictures:

Misc details:

  • Vehicle is a 4 seater
  • Comes with template and 2 liverys (liverys done by zlayworks)
  • YFT - 7,267 MB
  • YTD - 13,208 MB
  • 270K polygons

Purchase details:

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based One time
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements GTA5/FiveM
Support Yes

Wow… am a huge fan of the EVOII, this model is something AMG should look at!

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this would be legit with a roof rack! ski box like some of your other models!

this was mainly built for a competiotion that revolved around 80-90s DTM inspired cars, thats why i wanted to keep it as stock as possible, well as much as a homologation special can be! but yeah you are right about that! previous post deleted becasue i didnt reply to your post

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Its dope, and will be another one of your models i swoop

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All I can say :star_struck:

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nice work

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