Menu Towing Script Control

Hello my friends, I have created a specialized list to install cars faster as an alternative to writing orders, and some may feel annoyed by writing the orders constantly, but this list will help you a lot. I wish you happy fun for all
Wait a minute. I would like to extend my thanks and respect to my brother @Supreme_Cat Supreme_Cat for his great effort in creating towing [FREE][STANDALONE] Towing script]

([FREE][STANDALONE] Towing script) (8.2 KB)


Nice thank you :fire:

Can this menu be modified to trigger other plug-ins?

isn’t this the nopixel radial menu?

Yes we can

Yes, that’s right, it’s the radial menu, but I’m dedicated to commands to work with the Towing script

only for certain jobs ?

Finish working without any job


Two, or three things.
The one is this resource is looking for an anti cheat script, wich it can be removed in fxmanifest.lua.
Second one is you can directly insert it on the towing resource no ? :smiley: it could be better. I think.


The download file has been updated, you can now download the file

Thank you keep going :heart: