Men and my friends looking for a serverr

Me and my friends are looking for a server that is closest to the base game, rp optional. Would love it if someone could help.

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If and your friend is looking for a server thats RP then you could join SkyLine Roleplay. Its a server that I own a d built up we are running close to 400 members right now and growing fast. Here is the discord if you would like to join: skylineroleplay you can also check out our website for some more information:

If your still looking for a place come check us out at - INCOGNITO RP -

Hey, not sure if you are still looking for a server, but Innovative RolePlay is a vMenu server based on free roleplay. If you are interested, we also have an ESX branch and a few other gaming servers in our gaming network! Go ahead and join the discord if you are interested and we can help you get started!

Come join us over at Incognito RP. We are a new server and are looking for quality players to fill the city with. We are an 18+ server we are currently not WL but that may come in the future. I will drop the link here for the discord and hope to see you soon! - INCOGNITO RP -

Hi there, I am the community director at OSRP.

Orange State Roleplay

We are a San Andreas based community.

Our entire goal here is to provide a friendly, fun, and respectful environment for our whitelisted members. We offer multiple departments and many roleplay opportunities. It is guaranteed that you will find your enjoyment and future here. This is a place for members to make friends, enhance their roleplay skills, and grow their creator platform, if they are interested in it. We’re very confident in this community and it’s future. We hope to build friendship with our members and take roleplay to a whole new level on the platform overall.

We are a fully whitelisted vmenu community for ages 14+. We offer a few great addon vehicles with lots of realistic scripts that will be the server enjoyable. Our community team are full of individuals with potential and respect for members. We take lots of pride in respect here and you would surely enjoy it if what I described is what you’re looking for.

Discord Server: OSRP Community | FiveM

CHEESEBURGER#8998 contact me on discord would like to talk to you about possible membership at Devoted RP