(MDT) Advanced Mobile Data Terminal

Hello everyone! This terminal is unlike any other because it was meticulously developed in such a way to provide one of, if not, the best MDT experience out there.




  • Animations and props are used for an immersive experience

  • Optimized - This script was created with having a low resource usage in mind, ensuring that the script will not bog down players’ performance.


  • Active Police, EMS/Fire, and roadside assistance (mechanics) are displayed for quick availability access

  • Set your GPS to another active unit’s location

  • Statuses are included to ensure transparency between all active units

  • You get quick access to see active bolos and warrants

Bolos / Warrants

  • Active bolos / warrants will be displayed on civilian and vehicle profiles, alerting officers if they have an active warrant or bolo.

  • Alerted when a bolo / warrant is registered, ensuring officers are updated when new entries are registered (Customizable in settings)

  • Advanced civilian search is available when making a person of interest or warrant, ensuring no spelling mistakes are made


  • Advanced charges select is included for efficiency and ease of access

  • Import images from a link or in-game (via phone) for in-depth report submissions

  • Advanced report search is included so that you can find any report with ease


  • Photo identification can be submitted to both civilian and vehicle profiles

  • Customizable profiles features, such as phone number, address, relations, additional notes, and photo identifications.

  • Registered vehicles are displayed, including whether or not there is a bolo out for that vehicle

  • Licenses are displayed with the ability to be revoked directly from the terminal

  • Unpaid fines are shown, even alerting the player when a fine is overdue

  • Criminal history/priors are shown and the reports can be viewed directly from the tab

Shift Tracker

  • Shift tracking tracks the duration of every shift and displays it all in a single, easy to use page

  • Police, EMS/Fire, and roadside assistance have access to this tab (Displaying the players apart of their job)

Requirements / Compatibility
  • mysql-async [Required]

  • OneSync Infinity, as well as legacy, is compatible

  • ESX 1.2, 1.1, and legacy is compatible by default; although it is possible to convert this to another framework as long as you are willing to put in the effort to do so

  • Translation is NOT available. Currently, the terminal is in English only


This resource uses the Cfx.re asset escrow and encryption sytem. However, there are still a handful of files available to you for general configurations and framework adjustments. DB queries that are used to fetch character/vehicle data is all exposed so that you can ensure it works for your server. Additional information about the script will be provided in the README file.


Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) | Aljunier - YouTube


Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) [Tebex]


100 € and we can’t even translate?

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$95 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Perhaps I was too optimistic about the price. An adjustment was made to it.

I did initially make plans to add translation to it but somehow forgot about this during the process of development. Adding translation to the terminal from how it is now will take a while but it is something I plan on doing sometime in the future, although for the initial release, it will be English only until I can get this done

Trying to decide if I want to spend this much. It is very good work and not just a recreation of the free NoPixel copy flying around.

How do you open the MDT? Hot key or chat command? I would love to be able to disable a hotkey if it’s used. I have a menu that I put all of my stuff it to centralize it and reduce annoying hotkey usage.

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Right? I wanted to create something completely from scratch on top of adding features that are unique and haven’t been seen anywhere else.

You can open the MDT with either command or keybind. Both the command or keybind can be toggled off as well so you have complete control on whether you want to use both, or one over the other.

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Well, guess I’m pissing off the wife. Time to spend some money. LOL

Been working on something like this myself for a while, might get around to releasing it at some point. Shame someone beat me to it though haha :joy:. Great work though, looks awesome my friend

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i’ve been looking for an in-game MDT for the past year, even started creating my own since theres nothing good. This looks incredible with all the features i’ve been looking for. I for one think its worth the $100, js, no in-game MDT comes close.


everybody is complaining about the price, I’m just here to appreciate good work. Nice script man!


And remember half of it you can’t edit too.

Can we get a non-escrow version for the price?

This is what I’ve noticed as well. I feel like an MDT with this sort of feature set was a missing piece of the puzzle. The other MDT’s out there aren’t bad, but I realized that there wasn’t any that were close to or exceeded my standards. This project of mine was suppose fill in the missing piece while also providing a great resource with constant updates and support.

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In there effort of protecting my work, I will likely keep the escrow version. I do realize that there are pros and cons to this – mainly cons for the buyer, and perhaps in the future I will do something like this, but in the effort to protect my work I decided to go with the newly released escrow system. However, a good chunk of files are available to you to make any changes you could possibly want to get the terminal working on your server. As-is this resource isn’t made to tinker with.

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Deltarix has a mdt/mdw more detailed than that to Less Price, just to let you know, pretty expensive

Too rich for my blood.


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What are the chances of setting the Civ search to not have required fields? This way we can do partial searches and get a list of names.

Will be posted soon enough.
Probably best not advertise someone(mine) elses work on a post😅


Link to his shop

This MDT is for ESQ, Deltraix’s only supports QBCore currently

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