Mb_notify [React Js][Notification]

Try this,

RegisterCommand('testnotify', function()
    exports['mb_notify']:sendNotification('Test Message')

RegisterCommand('testtriggernotify', function()
    TriggerEvent('mb_notify:sendNotification', 'Trigger Test Notify')

Put it in any client, then try the command and see which one works.

no of this command does work for me :frowning:

Artifacts: cfx-server 3886

Client console:


Server console:

Commands are working as i testet with the jail command :frowning: very bad, i love the notification style u did made

Ok me and @vanpatmobi just confirmed that it was Linux issue not working with React Js. I’ll work on this issue as soon as possible.

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Thanks for the great support for this free ressource, good work keep going :slight_smile:

Updated for linux users, it was just an fxmanifest.lua mistake.

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Vrpex pfv.

You’re a hero! Thank u for this lovely notifications :slight_smile:

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