[MAP] Rags & Riches v1.4.3 ALPHA & Light (featuring the Mile High Club)

love it bro
thumbs up for you

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Congratulations on the project you guys are doing, I downloaded the map and it’s great, come on guys! Keep it up

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Amazing mod. Makes the entire city feel completely different ;D (and of course its very high quality)

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Amazing work. Been supporting since D1, this is THE project. I’m so waiting for it to be completed but quality takes time and that’s surely not missing here.


It’s a good job and there is support available in case of problems :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I am looking to purchase this mod ONLY for the map. Is there anything I should know about in this case?

We’re very glad to hear your’re interested in Rags & Riches. Most important would be that some assets located close to the LS Live area may conflict. However, this usually can be fixed. Furthermore, models have been encrypted.

I recommend this map to everyone, its very light and beautiful!!! I am very happy to have bought and I am very excited and surprised at each update!! Congratulations for the work and greetings from Brazil!!

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Can scripts and etc that come with the package other than the map / models be disabled?

how many size memory use?

A few can, for example the elevator or car spawns.

Approximately 600mb

Love this mod and just makes the map of Los Santos modern and fresh. Nice addition to my FiveM Server. Keep up the good work guys

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Does the light version need anything to work ?

Any solution ? I only use light version :confused:

Generally it should work right away, as there are no further requirements. Have you followed the installation instructions?

Try clearing the server cache. Then do a full restart.

yes i followed

but i will delete server cache, good idea xD

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The best purchase I ever made for my community! They love it. It would be something I would defiantly recommend if your looking to enhance your server.

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