[MAP] Rags & Riches v1.4.2 ALPHA (featuring the Mile High Club)

Thank for replay !
But what about low fps drop?
it freezes game about 10-15 seconds every time players in zone of building.
It happens every time player joined the server (only once).

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Sorry, i mean common fps is about 1-2 !
But only for 10-15 seconds , when you are near the building.

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This messages in canary console happens at the same time as lags happening !

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Okay i will try to update server to latest artifacts and try it again.
I have very very good PC specs, last time i tested it with other assets. i will remove it also and test it again.
I will replay later

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I am renting very good dedic
look my specs
I dont think problem in this one.

Download a few bad MLOs open source see the fps drops there and understand that this fps drop is good for such a large structure. - i have same problems with this building , i tried to much MLOs all of them with same problems , same issues with lags and messages in console.

I’m not defending people, but a 1-2 fps drop is an extremely good result for this big build.
How i sad last time , common fps is 1-2 fps near the build (keeping 10-15 seconds) - crazy lags for each client !

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Do not purchase this interior if you expect to be able to use it. It is highly unfinished, has holes all throughout it, and the content that is in the teaser isn’t even properly accessible. The current ‘important notes’ on this thread do not properly explain how unfinished this map is, and not even just in terms of content.

Even more disappointing is that their team is trying to tell me that this is as advertised, and that they are aware that all of these issues exist. I can not believe that they are charging $65 for this in its current state. The concept is great, however I would not have purchased this had I known that there were this many issues with it. All of the screenshots I’ve posted aren’t even all of the holes that exist. Additionally, the map has extreme rendering issues when you are standing in certain spots (mostly on the edge of the mapping).

Again, the ‘important notes’ section does not properly explain how broken this is as of right now.


kinda agree its a cash grab for sure and not even that good of a mod

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any update on this @Ambitioneers

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the map is not 100 percent finish yet i think so i just go to my friend server to look for it also the pool is just entity you didnt add a water xml if im not mistaken

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hello i don’t recieve the download link

This was a mistake on our end and has been fixed in the hoftix we released. This also fixed the issues experienced with the parking garage.

Most users do not experience these actually. You might want to look into your server specs or other assets installed.

The asset is work in progress and constantly being worked on. Most people understand this and still love the content.

99% of our users will disagree with that statement. We kindly ask you to show any modification of this size with better quality. We can already assure you, you most likely won’t be able to. :slight_smile: Still, feel free to show us how you can do a better job yourself. Or show something that is in fact better. We also would like to hear more about the reasoning. What is it exactly that you do not like?

All of the issues reported above have been fixed in a hot fix released by us. Users can download it via keymaster.

This is a FiveM limitation, it does work in SP. We are still working on finding a way that keeps the water where it should be. This without flooding water into the lobby or garage.

There were some issues with Tebex & Keymaster. We hope to have solved these now. You can download the assets via Keymaster.

We hope to have informed you all well. Wishing everyone a wonderful day! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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good hotfix keep 'em coming.


can someone send me the download link for this??? It’s not showing up in keymaster

CFX will manually regrant it to you. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, should appear today.

Not yet compatible with Linux OS ?

This has to be a joke right? $65 for something not even close to finished. I can buy the entire Los Santos for less.

The content is compatible with Linux.

Where is this based on? Have you watched our trailers, pictures or visited our Discord server? You can join a server which is hosting it to determine whether it’s worth it. We look forward to your constructive feedback. :slight_smile: