[MAP] [PAID] Clean Legion Square

Hey Guys :slight_smile:

Today I’m releasing one of my selfmade Maps. It’s a Legion Square i made a few years ago. It’s inspired of the Legion Square from RealLifeOnline.

I added a clean entrance to the Legion Square, a Café, a few Shops, a few trees, a Hookah Bar, Stools and tables for the Kebabshop. I also reworked the Parking Lot of the Legion Square :slight_smile:

The Props on the tables in the Hookah Bar are ready for a Hookah Script. On my Server i used the only_hookah from @OnlyAlex.




Tebex: https://pauls-mods.tebex.io/package/4957671
*lowered the price I think now its fair

It’s my first Paid Ressource i hope the Price is okay :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry my English is not so good :sweat_smile:

Greets from Germany

Paul :wave:

You only buy my mapping! The pool and the Kebabhouse is included but not my map! Thes maps are free to download and I’m not selling these, only my mapping! I only include these maps to make it easier for you guys :slight_smile:
Credits for the pool goes to @Changer
Credits for the Kebabhouse goes to @Zan1456(VAG)

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Requirements none
Support Yes
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Please provide with proof of original assets