Map is fluttering (going away and coming back) how to fix

Hey, so i got this bug at my map it is fluttering so it just disappears and then it comes back and that all the time, does someone know how to fix?

it looks like the FiveM Satellite Map by REDRUM Modifications.
make sure that things are ensured in proper order in your server.cfg
the postal scripts should be ensured after the [qb] folder.

use this order…
ensure [qb]
ensure postalmap
ensure postalscript

restart your server

NOTE: if you ever have to restart any HUD resource, it will always cause the map to flicker again, simply restart the postalmap resource in this case.

i am going to remove the postal map will it work then cause i really want to change it

i got a problem i deleted the postal map but its there again i restarted several times

there must be another HUD resource that is interfering with the postalmap.

the map starts flickering once another resource takes priority from it.

if you make sure that the 2 postal resources (postalmap and postalscript) are starting after everything else, it should fix it.

i would suggest putting the 2 postalscripts into their own folder… name the folder [postal], put both postalmap and postalscript into the folder, and then ensure that folder in your CFG after everything else. It should be the last to load.

I know it works, I use the REDRUM map myself. But it has to be loaded last. even qb-hud will interfere with it otherwise.

i only got oulsen_satmap

do you know how to uninstall this

ok, make sure it starts last as it overwrites the OG map.

I got it all working now thanks

Ok, You’re Welcome.