Map Holes, Invisble Char

**Server Artifact Version:latest
**Operating System (Windows/Linux):Linux/Debian
**Error screenshot (if any):no errors
**Crash files (if any):no rash
**Server config (server.cfg):Server-config — ImgBB
Path to server files:
Path to cfx-server-data files:

Describe your issue

Map holes in Blackwater and other destinations on Map. I`ve read in forums that this not only my problem, but the only soulition for this i read is bob74_ipl. But the only versions that i found are for gta.

Servser ´start without bob:

With Bob:

Also i have the Problem with redem rp. On creating a character, i cant see the character, when he is created i restart the game, i see him. didnt know if this is a bug in cause of the holes (general loading issue) or it is a bug from redem rp.

What have you tried?

Restart server several times (nothing does)
re install server data (nothing changes)
tried bobs (wrote it)
delete cache files on Client side (nothing happens)