Map Glitch (HELP!)

Please help me resolve this issue. Whenever I zoom in on a certain part of the map with my mouse it goes black and gray instead of staying all color and when I am fully zoomed out its all color like it should be! Here is an example:

How it should be:

… but it shouldn’t be ‘all color’ though? The V map is black/gray only on PC, you probably badly installed a mod.

On FiveM its colored.

I have the same problem with the same map.

dubnium is right. The default gta v map is not colored.
Most likely, the server you are on is using a map mod and did not install it fully. That would not be an issue with FiveM but an issue with that specific server.

This is a mod to the original GTA V Online map. You have to have the mapzoomdata.meta file installed client side in order for the map to work correctly.

If you go this thread [Release] Modified Street Names w/ Postal Numbers then follow it to the HSG Site where the original mod was posted you will find the mapzoomdata.meta file you need to fix this.

Below is the correct path for instalation of the .meta file as shown in the screenshot.

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