Making a replace a addon!

i need help taking a replace car and renaming it like a addon … (firetruk to firetruk5) etc

A quick google displayed lots of results, but here is a video for ya.

If this solved your issue mark it as solved.

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im looking to do it for my fivem sever, i just need to be able to spawn the fire truck under a different name

follow the above video. You have to make it a add-on. Try it in regular GTAV and then put it in your server.

i folllowed it 100% and it still crashed when loading in on vehicles.meta

wanna send the vehicles.meta?

sure thing here

vehicles.meta (6.1 KB)

do you have discord?

do you have the same spawn name in all the meta’s? I’m not the best with cars, you can try googleing around.

theres only that and the handling … its in all the right places its just crashing

does the handling.meta have the right spawn names as well.

yes [20 characters ]

find anything? [20 ]