Major Bug On Servers

Hello everyone,

There is a bug where the players can open another instance of FiveM and can join the server and duplicate everything they own back to themselves.

I’m wondering if anyone’s also dealt with this + if there’s a patch for it?

Sounds like a bug with one of your resources, best to ask resource author to add additional checks for when a user with same identifier connects twice.

It’s a little strange since this works on all the servers I’ve tried, I feel it’s something beyond my server or a resource.?

When someone joins, check to see if someone with the same license is already online and if so, reject them.
Something like this:

FiveM has an argument that allows a second instance of the client to be opened, like @TheIndra has already stated, this would be a bug with the framework or resources that are being used, the owner of the server would simple need to check if the players identifier is already active on the server if so prevent that second client from joining.

For more information: [How To] Use -cl2 to Launch Two Instances of FiveM - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Modding Tutorials - Community