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Welcome to Mainland Roleplay!

We are here to build something unique for all to enjoy within the world of San Andreas, without forcing you to do things you don’t want to do. The idea of forming this community came when talking with others who have been fed up with the options available in the FiveM RP space. Our central focus is for all to enjoy the game together, as equals. No one is above the rules, no one is “above” another member, from the newest member up to us, the Community Management, everything is applied equally. I, and others helping me, have worked to build up other communities, but it always ends up with the people in charge saying “it’s my way or the highway” - that is not the standard anymore, this community is run by the people, for the people. This community has not been built up in a rushed fashion; instead, we have spent countless hours, and continue to spend our time, establishing the proper documentation and structure to support a platform ready to serve all who join. To give you an idea of the timeline, we began planning and working on the foundation of this community in January of 2022. It wasn’t until April of 2022 that we began to bring on Administrators and Staff to begin work on the department level.

Becoming a member here means you want a more straightforward roleplay community, where we take the word ‘community’ and ‘professionalism’ seriously. Members are not lesser-than, and Administrators are not the all-knowing power. While we still have rules and a sense of order, we are not and do not want this to feel like a ‘job,’ but rather a game like GTA V is meant to be. Another word that describes what we strive for is simplicity. While you can’t do whatever you want, you will never have to do 30 minutes of paperwork after a couple of hours of roleplaying on this server. All of this, and much more, is what we have to offer here at MainlandRP. I hope you can find what you’re looking for with us, at home.

What makes us different?

We’ve spent countless time implementing different ideas and systems that make us unique as a community. The list below explains some of the ways we operate and what makes us unique.

➔ Everyone starts off as a Civilian! You can then apply to become a Peace Officer!
➔ Retirement Opportunities for Members & Administration.
➔ We’ve adapted our own radio codes & procedures.
➔ Anyone can record and stream! No more ridiculous requirements for streaming & recording content.
➔ We focus heavily on the roleplay quality from all our members.
➔ Law Enforcement Officers have the opportunity to be corrupt.
➔ Since everyone starts off as a Civilian, officers can go off-duty!
➔ No more ridiculous activity requirements! Members must only patrol a minimum of two hours per month
➔ No ridiculous dual-clan policy. We don’t own your game, we don’t control where you play!
➔ Excellent in-game content for Civilians, Law Enforcement, and Fire Rescue!

Community Age Limit

In order to join our community, we require all of our members to be at least sixteen (16) years old.

Want to join us?

If you are interested in joining our community, you can register an account on our forums. From there, you will submit a ‘community membership’ application that will be reviewed by members of the Training & Education Division. Everyone starts off as a Civilian, and can soon apply to become a member of Fire Rescue or Law Enforcement. If you do not have a gaming PC, but are interested in becoming a member, you can apply and become a Dispatcher. In order to better understand how we operate our community, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with our Rules & Regulations under the ‘Resources’ tab.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments you can join our MainlandRP Fan discord under the Resources tab.

Discord Fan Server: MainlandRP Fan Server


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Absolutely recommend to those out their who want a place to call home, a place to be excited and thrilled to look around in or chat with a server like family!! I as a member of MainlandRP can confidently say this server has lots of potential and is already thriving! Amazing departments amazing people and better yet the deving done for this server is nothing I have ever seen , I am proud to be able to brag about this server! So what are you waiting for?! Join us! can’t wait to see you apart of the MLRP family!

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+rep great community

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All departments are unique and on point but…LSPD is where it’s at!

We may not be at full server patrols as we work to continue recruitment but our patrols have been more enjoyable, in depth, and I still can’t get over the quality from both Civilians and Law Enforcement!

Join us today and make some memories!!!

Mainland Roleplay — “Where Opportunities Are Forthcoming”

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We’re always looking for capable individuals that seek a unique roleplay experience! Come join us :slight_smile:

Los Santos Police Department is the LEO Department of Choice! Common Sense Approach To Leadership. Realistic and Professional Operating Procedures. Subdivisions that not only enhance Roleplay But Extend Roleplay!

Join our Discord and Let’s Get You Patrolling Today!

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What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy a unique roleplay experience found no-where else! We’re a brand new community, the opportunities are endless! We are looking for capable individuals for staff & member positions. I’m sure you’ll find a spot you’ll love!

Interviews are waived, training sessions are not ungodly long. Join our Fan Discord and learn more!

We’re still looking for dedicated folks to join our ranks! We’re a new community and looking for staff members. If you’re interested, submit an application and complete training. The opportunities are there for you!

Get involved! We need Civilian Staff, Civilians, and Law Enforcement Officers! Experience something you’ve never experienced before!

BCSO & LSPD getting new looks. Join us and find out what they are!

LSPD Is still the dopest department!

Added a new video! Check it out!

Quite enjoyable server. On the smaller side so patrols aren’t as populated, but it is to be expected with a new community. I recommend it and am glad to be a part of it! Here are some recent photos from my latest photoshoot that I’m calling “bagged szn beaches”-