Luxart Pro Laser 4 - LiDAR Resource

Very interesting! But weapon not equipping on ESX (Chezza inventory) :frowning:

@TrevorBarns downloaded and configured, (qb core) it doesn’t work for me… I also tried inserting the /share.lua item WEAPON_PROLASER4 either in lowercase and restarting the server or in lowercase and doing it again… but nothing is wrong… ai a discord for support? fantastic resource

hi! I installed the script, but when I record on the tablet, the steam username is written. How can I change this on behalf of the player?

What doesnt work? Did you added to items and to weapons.lua?

works great on my qb core server thanks for the release.

yes dude, is possible help me pls? :frowning:

You mustve made some mistake, I added as item + in weapons and thats it you use item it opens radar gun

is it possible to use another prop? e.g. a mobile camera that is then placed on the ground and the police officers can eat donuts in the car? while the players drive into the speed traps?

Furthermore, is it possible to change this to KMH?

Hey there!

Our server got a problem… Everytime our servere restarts, we have to restart the ProLaser4 resource for it to show meters and km/h. Do you know what might trigger that problem?

Regards Champs.

So it shows MPH until you restart the resource? Every server restart?

Eventhough we have changed it in the cofig :+1:

Are there any way to fix it?