Lucky13 RP Nopixel based looking for staff devs and players


Luck 13 is a love child of many people who love to rp trying to fix issues we have come across in other servers. We have a active staff and will push frequent updates to make the server more enjoyable for those who are apart of it.

the server uses discord whitelisting there is no app for now that will change those who provide good rp will be wont have to apply to stay in the server once the app is put into place.

the server uses a custom framework import cars will come over time people can earn them through the rp they provide.

to join and check out the server please come check us out on disc

we are looking for police ems and pretty much anything the server uses mumble voip as its voice chat.

thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you soon

if you want to know if i will pay devs it will only be based off the work done more will be paid if its custom scripts being made.