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Why you should join LucidRP

LucidRP is an allowlisted server that offers an immersive, custom, and rewarding environment for dedicated story-telling roleplayers. LucidRP is a FiveM roleplay community that wants to push the envelope of cutting edge roleplay. LucidRP is a growing community, welcoming all diversity of roleplay and willing to help facilitate new players as well as veteran roleplayers. LucidRP thrives to consistently improve on everything we have to offer, and grants you the many choices and hardships your character will have to face. Start your creative story here!

What does LucidRP have to offer?

LucidRP provides:

  • Whitelist Gangs and Groups
  • Custom clothing and hairstyles
  • Custom clothing for whitelisted groups
  • Imported vehicles
  • In-game voice
  • Player owned shops, mechanics, and businesses
  • Custom created scripts written by our developers that you will only find in LucidRP
  • Well-established PD and EMS
  • Friendships and Community Support

Whitelisted Jobs/Departments:

  • San Andreas State Troopers
  • Department of Justice
  • Pillbox Medical Services
  • Los Santos Fire Department
  • LSC Repair
  • Mirror Park Auto
  • Benny’s Customs
  • Harmony Customs
  • Spades Imports
  • Plus MANY custom-created player-owned businesses, gangs, and groups

Illegal Activities:

  • Warehouses
  • Store robberies
  • Vangelico Jewelry
  • Pacific Standard
  • Fleeca Banks
  • Gruppe 6 Truck Robbery
  • Aircraft Carrier Heist
  • Merryweather Heist
  • Safe cracking
  • ATM Robberies
  • Drug runs
  • Gambling
  • Street Racing
  • Graffiti Tagging
  • Plus more, and even more in current development!

  • Allowlisted - get right into the immersion by simply joining the Discord and reading & agreeing to our server rules without needing to apply!
  • We have been a community for 2+ years with a focus on educating both new roleplayers and veteran roleplayers into becoming immersive, story-telling creators
  • We do not allow any form of hate, racism, homophobia, bullying, or any other type of harassment
  • Lifelong friendships made through the LucidRP community!

Join our Discord and start your story right away! We can’t wait to see you there and find your place in our community!


If anyone has any questions feel free to reach out, were always looking for dedicated members of our community to join our development team, and assist us in growing this server to be a content focused server for creative individuals to be able to prosper using the server as their way to generate content.


Come check out our city! The devs just added some secret things and moved everything all around! Come be the first to find everything!

Hope to see you in city! <3


:eyes: :eyes::eyes: :eyes::eyes: :eyes:


As one of the commissioners of the PD force, we have a great active PD community if you’re interested in becoming a cop! EMS is very active as well. We’re building up our DOJ system and could use more people interested in it! Get allowlisted and come apply! <3


Come join the fun!


Just dropped a new video! Allan Robs a Bank - YouTube





This server has a ton of immersive roleplay and story lines and so many things to do I am a high-ranking member in the biggest gang in the city and have had so many amazing scenes and shootouts and storylines along with having a A P.D storyline its top tier. When you are in a shootout you really feel the adrenaline of being chased or chasing the criminals! Here’s a snapshot of a shootout in LUCIDRP2.0!!!.


We just implemented a brand new inventory system and have added some new things to explore to our server. Come be the first to find out!


The new inventory is awesome! Come check it out and join us today! :smiley:

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Tons of things still haven’t been found! Come be the first ones to find it!


Interested in DOJ? PD? DOC? Mechanics? Custom Shops?

We got it all! Come join and apply to them now! (:


This ain’t ya mommas gtav online server. This is LucidRP baby! You wanna talk about some serious RP? You wanna see immersion?! Come play on LucidRP, you won’t wanna leave. Unless you cry when things don’t go your way.


This is a great community and city! I’ve climbed the ranks of PD to high command. Moved back down. Spent time as a Crim. Started from the bottom in DOC and work my way up to captain. And I’ve probably only touched 10% of the jobs and things there are to do in the city. The people are extremely welcoming. Every time I make a new character I can’t make it far before someone takes me under their wing as if I’m brand new. Last character someone even gave me a car!

There’s many groups and gangs of criminals so if that’s your thing you will find a home.

PD, DOC, And ems is always hiring. As well as the many custom or mechanics shops around the city.

If you like to stream the. You have found your city! Very streamer friendly!

I honestly can’t even keep up with all of the updates the Devs put through. They are on top of things.


Brand new Video!
How not to rob a gas station!

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