LUA RP Dev looking for unique projects

Hey there.

I am a 26 year old developer looking for projects to tag along on, or to start up.
With over 10 years of roleplay experience in MTA (Gta:sa), I do have more serious expectations to roleplay, than whats casual here in FiveM.

I am looking for unique projects - total conversions. I am very open when it comes to projects, and love anything that transforms GTA into something else - be it Star Wars, Apocalyptic themes (Zombies, fallout, metro?), RP based in small environments - Prison RP, “LOST” RP, etc.

I am even ready to throw in a few bucks if could find some people with interest - please don’t contact me if you don’t know how a proper /me and /do is executed. (No offense :slight_smile: )

I can code quite a bit in LUA, I can work in both vector and pixel graphics (illustrator & photoshop), aswell as having a medium skill level in 3d modelling. I have been modding for pretty much any game out there, and now wanna get into FiveM.

If you have any ideas for a project, or have been working on one yourself, please do contact me on discord.
Age requirement for co-developers and project leaders is 20+ years.

Discord: MikeTheAwezome#6425


  • I am specifically looking to develop on projects in small environments. (Prison, etc)

Well… It’s not exactly heavily unique in the sense of completely changing up on Gmod, like if it was another game or such.

But if you’re interested I am working on a server, running through QB right now, and tbh with you I am not extremely well with this, I can however say it is unique in how few restrictions there are, as long it’s done in a completely realistic and serious manner. Also meaning the /me etc is a priority and requirement obviously, and special in certain situations, hard to explain. Hit me up here if interested to hear more and better or on discord Jack P#4678, if not I fully understand.

I’ll atleast hit you up on Discord, none the less I might be able to convince you to do something a tad more unique, haha.