Lua Obfuscating?

Hi, anybody know a way to obfuscate fivem lua script, i tried XObfuscator but don’t work ?

Here is the link to a good one but, you shouldn’t be obfuscating your code as the whole point of FiveM scripts and resources is for them to be open source and available for everyone to download, edit, and use.


You can do whatever you want with your private code to prevent others from stealing it. If you are publicly releasing code to the FiveM forums, it indeed cannot be obfuscated


i’m doing a menu and there is a credits tab so people can’t say “hey its our menu we made it for our server” so i will keep credits and release it thx for the replys anyways

None of the code can be obfuscated to be released on the forums.

Release it not means release on fivem forums :slight_smile:


However you release it, it’s still towards FiveM which would still be in violation

Have you seen the post upward ? the moderator says we can’t release obfuscated code on the “FiveM forums” lmao if i want to give it to my friend i’m not in violation

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That’s not releasing it then. If they are your friend why does it need to be obfuscated then?

Why are you playing with words ? topic is anwsered so stop commenting things non related to.
Releasing can also be made on github…

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damn im late to this, i have tried that one out but seems to give me errors ingame, do i need to have any special settings or something else for the code to run ingame?

PSU obfuscator

For people that are looking for obfuscations:
FiveM have decided to make theyre own obfuscation, which is the best right now, and doesn’t have an backdoors and malicous things.

what is this error in asset upload??
/tmp/3533717422/antihax/server.lua: exit status 1 (the script works in the server with no errors)

Would be better to ask in the the right post:

That topic was closed after inactivity. @YungFlexer would you be able to send us a screenshot of the error + a copy of your resource to [email protected]? We’ll look into it :slight_smile:

How do i obfiscate with it