LSPDFR in others mods

Hello , I wanted to know if he esxistais a compatible font mod to play with a friend on my server?

What? What language are you?


peak French, translation with google sorry its not easy

@DisOwnedx could you translate this for him properly?

if ur asking if LSPDFR MOD works no it does not FiveR does not support RAGEHOOKPLUGIN so anything that RPH will not work only LUA scripts

ha ok thank you for your answer , and that there is a script that permetterais us to play as a police officer ?

yea it can be done

it little to be done but there are not ?

@ludo8786 im french, try to get a good english because nodoby know what are you talking about stop use Google Translate.

Sorry for my bad English.
I wanted just to know so about one already had create scripts police mod?
Thank you.

@ludo8786 No.

@ludo8786 Yes.

PoliceMod, but no call-outs.

is that the name of the mod “PoliceMod” ? im currently trying to find it considering LSPDFR is not supported on FiveR

Check here: