LSPDFR clone problem with menu

@Kanersps @Boss You still not found solution for the problem with the menu, because in other server I see it work?? menu??

This is not finished nor will I ever finish this, it is broken and buggy. Do not use it to play,

Does anyone know of a script similar? Just need a pullover ability!

Yes I know it is not finished I saw when I test it, the is not my question!?? I just want to know if you know the developer who did it?

You want for ped or player?

Just looking for an AI pullover script

what you want say with AI ?? For player pullover or PNJ ?

I made it, and I again suggest you to not use it. It isn’t even in a usable state, it was a prototype.

Ok, I hope you make it quick… For Essentialmode style not reply about money management??
You have make good freeroam but just command work!

The Database isn’t finish I have to redo the basis of given was incomplete and not editable without coding and most of the lua script… pity that nothing is finished because the base is good may if we know anything about coding it is impossible to work correctly!

your last version was much more complete in script and database! :cry:

Essential mode works perfectly fine, it works even better then FreeRoam ever did. You not getting it to work is entirely different.

The essentialmode is realy good and work perfectly YES!!!

But the money management not work as you know and you dont give the solution about this!?
NO jobs also, so this just for register maybe…
Lot of have same problem and contact me about money management also…
And for Database why you didn’t follow me in the photo attached for simplicity?

trying to get LSPDFR to work? you have real players to play with, Don’t want to play the AI

This is for play with real players of cours :sweat_smile: We have team of Police , fireman etc!
But for our video RP is real more best if we arrest AI with animation :wink:

Nice videos if it’s in English

Thank you, the first video with Rockstars editor come this week from our server “Ile de France” Sorry for not in English we are French :sweat_smile: