LSPDFR being introduced anytime in the future?

Just wondering if LSPDFR will be introduced into FiveReborn or will it never be there because I do a lot of LSPDFR for my YouTube channel and me and some friends would like to play LSPDFR together. Thanks for your responses!

I don’t think they will introduce LSPDFR into FiveReborn. Because the dev team has a lot of other things to do.

LSPDFR requires to be rewritten by their devs, we will not provide support for it.

I would think that the Devs of LSPDFR would want to finalize a version that would be stable enough to be rewritten I’m sure they have a lot on their plate atm

You think that LSPDFR and FiveReborn will ever work together to incorporate both?

In order to have FiveReborn working with LSPDFR, you need to have rage hook functioning. However, there are some scripts going around that make some things like server-based code-2 a thing. I’m currently working on server-based weather/time and a callout/dispatch system along with a bunch of other stuff for our server.