LSPD & SASP Skins For 2018 Charger & 2011 Vic | 2.0.4

Hello All and thank you for viewing my skin today! I’m releasing a custom “Fictional” SASP & LSPD skin for almost all types of 2018 Chargers & 2011 Crown Vics.


The 2018 Charger Skin Is Fitted And Functional On This Pack - FiveM Car Post

And… Almost Finally, The Download: (866.4 KB)


  • Question: Can I re-distribute this skin?

  • Answer: No You Many Not

  • Question: Can I Modify This Skin?

  • Answer: Yes, Just Don’t release it and say it’s yours!


Thanks everyone for viewing my new skin! please make sure to review it and leave a comment on what type of skin you want to see next.

Note: I know that the template looks very sloppy, but i really was tired and didn’t follow the lines, lol. But, I think it turned out pretty well.

R|D HighRez

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Make more!

good work m8


Thanks guys, i plan on making a LSPD skin later today

How is this a pack? There’s only 1 car and 1 skin lmfao… Looks good though.

Damn chill. Take a fucking joke. I know there isn’t a car… But the skin fits 1 car… Thanks though…

bud, the skin fits mostly all 2018 chargers, i just use the template provided in that download
Quit the drama or take to dm’s please

UPDATE: Added the LSPD skin to the pack!


UPDATE: Added In-Game Pics To Post

Great skins, impressive work. That state trooper charger especially.

Thank you @BrickTree

1 What is the name of this mod?

@MarcosPauloLeal its a mixture of different scripts hat me and my Developer put together