LS-PHONE (Dynamic Island)

Bummm :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :hot_face:


Awesome work yet again. :slight_smile:

Instagram live?

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Thx big bro :heart::heart:

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Can go live? Video chat? Any filters?

yes it has FaceTime feature

thx brooooo

nice w0rk

thx broo <3

i say 3 mobiles phone…

Good thing we are still treating this forum like a steam profile wall and instantly spam + REP!!!!! when you release something

Not sure if you got the memo, but selling real life branded content and trying to market it as “LS Phone” is pretty shady considering we all know it’s clearly an iPhone.

Here’s the memo in case it somehow didn’t reach you:

Something seems off here, some of the ‘reps’ are coming from obvious fake accounts.


+rep :heart_eyes: cool

There all fake accounts or just people they’ve forced to come comment on the post. its every single post. he’s had several posts removed because he was clearly reselling other peoples work. I’m not sure why the moderators actually allow him to keep posting, when he is clearly just shady as fuck.


Use the report feature and explain it to them. They won’t do anything until it’s reported to them.

what the hell are you doing ahahahah, admins can see the login ip addresses. All separate users. It’s not a fake account. Anger and congratulate

Thx bro :heart::heart:

You can report as you wish. All accounts are real accounts. You are envious people, envious people who denigrate successful work instead of congratulating them

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