LS Customs[RELEASE][PAID][ESX/qbcore]

remove the qb-core in the title because in tebex it says other frameworks are not available yet

thanks for spotting this, it has qb-core support :slight_smile:

so I just download it ? and do the changes in the config.lua ?

Does the tuning system depend on a job?
Like mechanic?

Still Working for QB?

That option will be added in the next patch🙂

It works with qb

Does the tuning system depend on a job?
Like mechanic?

It will be available as an option to enable this feature in upcoming patch, which is coming nearly soon

Does this include all the tuner DLC modicifations

If yes ill go buy it ASAP

yes, all the available vehicle mods

when does the vstancer update come?

there’s no ETA atm, but currently working on that

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Will the mods and color save on all Garages?
Is it set to were a mechanic can have lower prices from normal or set it to only mechanics?
Is it easy to remove the upgrades like trans, engine , turbo?
Does it work with addon vehicles too?
Can we set out own prices on mods

I’m not sure if you are talking about different garage resources, but so far all the users reported back with positive feedback at this point.
As the latest patch note says it has an option to configure accessibility for the jobs in each individual shop.
I guess you meant about removing menu elements, it can be done by removing those mods from the configuration.
So far It is working with any vehicle.
Each individual mod has it’s price ratio in the config and the mod price is calculated by this formula: (vehicle price * mod price ratio)

Great script, thank you again for pushing TWO hotfixes to fix my smol problems @L_Remp

Money well spent :slight_smile: