Low Gpu Usage

Im working on a solution for many days but i didnt find any thing really my gpu stop working like i have 50% gpu usage and then it drops to 2% gpu usage and destroy every thing i know its because of Fivem gpu cash every time i delete it before gaming (Fivem i mean ) every thing is good for 20 min but after that its all over again low gpu usage .lag… i dont know how to fix it this (Five M Gpu Cash ) is making problem nothing else but why? or how can i fix it pls help me
its not about Gpu Temp ==> 56C - 62C
GTX 1050TI
16 GB DDR4
Drivers are update
Fivem Reinstalled
I test every server problem is same so im sure its about Fivem Cash Gpu but how to Fix ?

… what?