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32 GB Ram


Windows Server 2k16
Xeon E-2236
64 GB Ram
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low-blossom-fifteen - Crash to desktop occurred when exiting a stationary train car as the player peds that were occluded from my view prior to exiting came into view
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:
Steps to reproduce:
Exited train car in heavily populated area (stationary mission train) - upon exiting and seeing the other player peds and hearing them speak (built in mumble - w/ pma) crashed to desktop

CfxCrashDump_2022_02_19_06_13_14.zip (2.1 MB)

Yet another side effect of missing CPlayerInfo :frowning:

is there a fix for this?

Just PR’ed a fix for this crash:

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Can confirm I’m unable to replicate it with the steps laid out with Latest (Canary). We’ll be putting out an advisory to switch to Latest (Canary) and collect feedback for the two latest patches. Thank you again for all your continued efforts! :cowboy_hat_face:

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Haven’t gotten any further reports of low-blossom-fifteen since switching to Latest