Love to join a newest fivem server

**I’m Lee Officiall. I just heard about fivem server on 10th this month. I want to join a newest fivem server. **

Note: If you have any newest fivem server then kindly paste it ASAP to join. DISCORD LINK FIRST.

Hello. You can join our discord! We just started up a server and its pretty soild :slight_smile:

Initiative RP New city, lots to do. bring all your friends for some serious roleplay! Already a decent growing community

Just join and talk to me.

10-13 playerbase daily and growing weekly.

Hi we are in alpha testing stage and looking for people to join we also have staff openings!

Hey would love for you to try our server Mentrix.

Hello! Karma RP is new and would love you have you!

Hey, if u would like a Medium RP experience maybe u could try this one, it`s called Vice WRLD, opened a couple days ago, we are looking to attract new people in, also if you are a newbie to roleplay that is also fine, we can teach u a thing or two about it if u stick around. Here is the discord of our server > Vice WRLD 🌴