Lost Oasis [NEW] Serious RP, *LF Police | EMS/ Fire | DOJ | Mafia/Cartel/Gangs* ACTIVE STAFF/DISCORD

Currently seeking to fill some Heavy weight roles, as a Lead Dev on our server Lost Oasis!
But fret not my friends!
Our Myriad of Bandits, goons, and goodie goodies wants more members to help build our already quick growing community!

All the drugs you could possibly want to sell for some awesome money to buy that dope car you always wanted to lose driving down Grove St in the middle of the night. Not feeling the Gang life?! No worries!
We are looking for (WL) Police, EMS/ FIRE, Mechanics and possibly Dealers if the time arises!
If you’re still scratching your head and have no idea what you wanna do but want to get into RP
I can assure you no one is perfect but practice can get you places!
And this is not a whitelisted server so all welcome are. RP’ers of all ages, shapes, smells, and cultures!
So if you are interested and experienced you can find a #JobApplication channel for applying for whitelisted roles in our Discord!
Also If you aren’t experienced or just wanting to dip your toes into the RP water if you will, you are more then welcome to come learn the ropes for playing on a well scripted, decently active (NA Based) server! Come take a walk into the Lost Oasis! cfx.re/join/wa84q9

Discord w/chat and Active Staff!