Losing Mods?

Will I lose any of my car mods if I use the FiveReborn updater? My update.rpm is heavily modified because of my cars.

FiveReborn won’t even work if you modified your GTA V.

@jwbjnwolf said in Losing Mods?:

Also just to let you know as add on to Boss, the reason is because FiveReborn uses the 1.0.505.2 version of the game, and by using the OpenIV.asi, you are basically telling FiveReborn to use the update.rpf in the game folder/mods folder even if you haven’t put the update.rpf in the mods folder. The game will therefore crash because it’s the wrong version. So you need to grab the 1.0.505.2 update.rpf from the patch exe which is found in “yourFiveRfolder/cache/game”. You can open up the exe using 7-Zip and extract it like a zip file.

Testing this out right now, you need to put the mods folder directly in the game, then the OpenIV.asi in the plugins folder where you install asi mods for FiveReborn in your FiveReborn folder. Not sure if anything else is needed to make it work yet though.

You can play with any version. Not just the 1.0.505.2. And we strongly recommend not to use OpenIV.